Inspection Services

Level I Inspection

 This is indicated for routine inspections or annual inspections.  This involves inspecting the hearth extension, profile, mantle, and the fireplace system for hazards, cracks, holes, combustible clearances, and general condition of the interior of the fireplace system.  We add on evaluating the exterior chimney, including flashing, crown or chase pan and caps.  For excessively tall chimneys, we may send up the drone.

Inspection: $129 (50% off for each fireplace if more than one)
Add Sweeping: Masonry fireplaces $199;Prefab fireplaces $185 (NFPA 211 standards do not allow sweeping without an inspection)
Digital Scanning(Optional):  $80

Level II inspection

This is indicated for all real estate transactions, damage due to a chimney fire, damage due to weather, or when changing a fire source (converting to wood from gas logs,  or gas logs to wood, or vented gas logs to vent free gas logs, etc.).  All Level II inspections come with digital scanning.  Additionally, attic spaces, crawl spaces or basements where the fireplace is located are inspected for installation correctness and/or combustible clearances.  This level also includes inspection (as much as possible) of all other type flues contained within a chase (i.e., HVAC flues)
Inspection: $239  (discounts given for multiple fireplaces)

Inspection with sweeping: Masonry $309;Prefab: $295

Level III Inspection

This involves all of the above plus tearing out parts of the chimney structure or smoke chamber to determine damage.

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